What I can do for you

If you have data you want to use to improve your operations or decisions, I can help!
Whether this concerns interpretation of data or for building models to support more complex decision making processes, I am very likely to have the right experience to support your team, or do the complete job for you….

My experience

I have extensive experience in statistical data analysis, decision support, development of mathematical and Data Science models in various (health-)economic and risk applications.
My background is in risk assessment, where I worked in various (inter)national consultancy roles for ten years, after which I spent some time in micro-marketing. However, for the last fifteen years I have worked on Technology Assessment projects, where mathematical modelling, statistics and machine learning techniques are applied for optimization and decision support.

I have developed and published on data-based models for:

  • Complex inventory management strategies
  • Privacy preservation of data
  • Risk based decision making
  • Analyzing expert preferences
  • Optimization of hemophilia treatment
  • Detecting test seeking behavior among donors
  • Risk of infection transmission by blood transfusion
  • Predicting future blood use in the Netherlands
  • Monitoring and controlling infection rates in donor centers

You can find an elaborate Curriculum Vitae here